Market America Gear

Motives® Sample Jars - 3g or 6g

In each package of jars, you will find 20 – 3g or 6g jars which now feature the Motives® logo printed in silver on the black matte lid to promote branding.  They are perfect for providing customers with a trial of your products, whether it is Motives®, skincare products, or a capful of your favorite Isotonix® product.  Simply, give them a jar with the product you would like for them to try, with a business card.  Tell them to call you when they've had a chance to use the product.  Remember, these people will take this product each day and taste is VERY important!  Grocery stores, Sam's Club™, and Costco™ all let you try products before buying them.  Once they get a taste, they'll be coming back for more.  This is an inexpensive way for you as a distributor to get people to experience the quality of your products in quick, meeting situations.  Remember that taste, touch and smell is important to people.  They can taste, feel and smell the quality.  This product is very important for building the brand, but more importantly, for you as a distributor, it provides easier use of the product and makes your business grow.  Remember any of these promotional items pay for themselves in many ways.  Build your business fast!