Isotonix® Spoon

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Isotonix® Spoon is a newly designed specialty spoon developed specifically for the measuring of Isotonix® products.  When filled to the first ridge, the spoon measures one capful.  When filled to the second ridge, the spoon measures 2 capfuls.  When filled to the top, the spoon measures 3 capfuls.  This is the newest and simplest way to measure your Isotonix® products quickly and easily to maximize your time and minimize your spills.  Great gift for new customers when they purchase your products!

Bulk Pricing Available:
Buy increments of 1 at $1.50 each.
Buy increments of 10 at $1.35 each.
Buy increments of 25 at $1.20 each.
Buy increments of 100 at $1.00 each.